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Breeding Nest of Gorsachius magnificus Found in the Leigongshan National Nature Reserve, Guizhou Province
Author of the article:LI Yang1, LI Dengjiang1, LUO Zukui2*
Author's Workplace:1. Bureau of Leigongshan National Nature Reserve, Leishan, Guizhou Province 557100, China;
2. School of Sports and Health Science, Kaili University, Kaili, Guizhou Province 556011, China
Key Words:Gorsachius magnificus; breeding; nest site
Abstract:At present, the reproductive population of Gorsachius magnificus has been recorded only in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Hubei Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China and northern Vietnam. In July and Angust of 2019, 3 nests of G. magnificus, containing at least 7 young birds, were found in the Leigongshan National Nature Reserve, Guizhou Province. The nests were simple and similar to a disk in shape. The common characteristics of the 3 nest sites were as follows:water wetlands with sparse human population and dense habitat vegetation surrounded by mountain forests; and tall nest trees with many branches grow on steep slopes. This study provides basic information for species conservation and reproduction of G. magnificus.
2020,39(4): 437-441 收稿日期:2019-08-31
作者簡介:李揚(1972-),女,本科,工程師,研究方向:生物學,E-mail:[email protected]
*通信作者:羅祖奎,博士,教授,研究方向:鳥類生態學,E-mail:[email protected]
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